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Desert Gas Stations and Leather Jackets

There are many reasons to watch a film: the ratings, a recommendation, boredom, handsome actor, whatever. I'm not entirely sure why I chose to watch True Romance a few years ago, but in three sittings (I like to pause movies and walk around ever so often; intermissions are little blessings) I finished the (somewhat predictable) movie. I'm not here to review True Romance (but if you want an opinion, I would neither recommend you nor stop you from watching it. Also, Drexl Spivey's character is probably the best in the whole thing). Rather, I want to tell you a love story. My own "true romance," if you will.

I've never been out west. I can only imagine the tumbleweeds, the scattering of peoples, and the pastel hues of old Hollywood (I'd rather not think about modern day L.A.). There's something deeply romantic about driving through the desert shielded by cheap sunglasses and the one you love sitting next to you, unsure of where you're headed but det…

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